Blind Lemon can trace its roots back to the late 80's when guitarist Nick McCarthy started the band with some other local musicians under the name 'Full Circle'. After a short period of time current drummer Danny Koisser joined followed a year or so later by Tim Pickering on Sax. The band also featured a bass player/vocalist a rythm guitarist and harmonica player. The band name was changed to 'Blind Lemon' in this period. The name came from a nickname given to Nick McCarthy by the then singer.

After a couple of year playing the local pub scene the bass player, rythm guitarist and harmonica player left the band. After a short search the current vocalist Mark Pearsall and bassist Rich Morgan joined the line up. This lineup remained constant for around 7 years when the decision was taken to recruit a keyboard player. Rob Allen joined the band and stayed for a further 6 years and then decided to move away. After a short period with stand in players our current keyboardist Andrew Stelmasiak joined.


Nick 'Blind Lemon' McCarthy

Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Started his musical career playing bass guitar from the age of 11 in social clubsall over the Midlands. Gravitated to lead guitar and formed Rough Justice an originals heavy rock/punk band in the late 70's early 80's. Formed Blind Lemon in the mid/late 80's with the members from Rough Justice playing rock covers. Also played lead guitar in a Who tribute band and still plays in Rule No 1.

Nick likes a massive range of different genre's of music from blues, rock, soul, northern, country, ska etc and this is reflected in the massive portfolio of the Blind Lemon set. He also a self confessed 'Gear Hound' or serial collector of musical gear. 

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20 10 Halloween ticket

Blind Lemon are helping raise money for Children with Cancer UK with a Halloween Horror Charity Night. Tickets £10. 

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